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The Silver Falcon Association (SFA) has merged with the Association of Graduates as an affiliate of the AOG.  Bob Peary, a long time member of the Silver Falcons, met with Jim Shaw, AOG, president and CEO, to suggest the possible merger.  The Silver Falcons Association was formed in 1976 by a group of retired officers, mostly Air Force Reservists, who wanted to continue their association with the Air Force Academy and each other.  They were the early Admissions Liaison Officers (ALOs) for the academy when their were no alumni to contact and prepare prospective candidates for the academy admissions requirements.  The ALO program was established in 1957 and continues to be an important part of the admission process to advise and evaluate quality candidates with the potential to succeed in the Air Force.  Many academy graduates are now assigned to the national program in their own districts.

The initial group who became Silver Falcons are no longer as active and able to support the Silver Falcon Association and attend the annual conferences at the academy.  Bob Peary was prompted to search for a solution that would permit the Silver Falcons to remain involved with the academy.  Jim Shaw agreed that these early (foster alumni) deserved to be incorporated into the Association of Graduates as associate members who pay annual dues or life memberships.  He contacted the Board of Directors who concurred with the plan.  The Silver Falcon members approved the idea as the best possible solution for their declining organization.  Silver Falcon funds have been transferred to the AOG according to the SFA constitution approved by the Academy Superintendent in 1978.

-By Ruth Whitaker