Class of 1975


Classmate Memorial Wine Bottle

40th Reunion

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35th Reunion

'75 sets a first by commemorating our 35th reunion by getting 35th Squadron to fly our class guidon instead of their squadron guidon during the Wing march-on before the game.

30th Reunion

     30th Reunion Coin
    30th Reunion Classmate Memorial Brochure
    Photos from the 30th Reunion

    Comments on the 30th Reunion

    Another nongrad reacts to reconnecting with the class
    We need to Rethink How We do Reunions

25th Reunion

    Photos from the 25th Reunion

    Comments on the 25th Reunion

    A '75 Nongrad's View of the 25th Reunion

20th Reunion

    Photos from the 20th Reunion
Fred Weems Gives a 20th Reunion Gift to the Cadet Wing
     The Fred Weems Gift

10th Reunion

    Photos from the 10th Reunion

Why Go to a Reunion?

     From: Richard F. Kennard Jr (
     Sent: Wednesday, October 31, 2007 6:55 PM
     To: Carlson, Jim, CTR, OSD-ATL
     You know, the best "ring" of remembrance I have is the 30 year reunion, where I got to see many of
     my old classmates, and where I experienced their graciousness to me.

     It really helped to heal some scars of self-inflicted wounds I've been carrying all these years.
     I left the Academy because of foolish arrogance rather than any outside compulsion.

     The day I left USAFA, on my way back to Houston, that lay-over in the Albuquerque airport
     was one of the loneliest, most mournful times of my life.

     Thanks to you all for your kindness!

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