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USAFA Association of Graduates

Class of 1989 

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  • NEW Squadron reps needed. See the Reunion page for a listing!

How To Donate

Fundraising Update

How To Donate to Heritage Trail and Class of 1989 Reunion Project

Individual gifts may  be sent directly to Association of Graduates, USAFA/Class of '89 Project, 3116 Academy Drive, USAF Academy, CO 80840-4475 .  It is important that they are marked 'Class of '89 Project' and contain installment payment instructions if the classmate is offering a multiple payment.  Further, so as to not endanger credit card information, please DO NOT SEND this information via email or post.  Those wishing to commit using credit card payments may call the AOG POC for the 1989 Project, Al Burrell, at (719) 472-0300 and we'll gather the information telephonically.  He will be happy to take or return calls. 


Foundation Gift Giving Instructions

Gifting Through a Foundation
Organization:     Association of Graduates, United States Air Force Academy
                                    3116 Academy Drive
                                    USAFA, CO 80840-4475
Contact Name: Alan A. Burrell        
Contact Phone: (719) 472-0300
Tax ID No:         84-0580665  (The AOG is a qualified 501C3)
Appeal Code:     08CGRC89SHEA20R

The Appeal Code will ensures that your gift, when received, is entered into the Class of '89 Restricted Gift Fund.  The administrator should identify the appeal code on whatever instrument is used to convey the gift.

If you wish to pledge an amount to be paid by multiple payments (installments), print the Class of ’89 Pledge Agreement, complete the form and mail it to Association of Graduates, 3116 Academy Drive, USAF Academy, CO 80840-4475.  The pledge form contains the specific Fund ID to ensure every cent is deposited into this restricted account established to support the Class Gift Campaign, exclusively.
If you prefer to gift a one time payment you may wish to go to (the AOG site) and click on “give”, then click “give now”.  The site is only able to accept a one time gift and requires use of a credit card to do so.  Please ensure that you mark the “designation” block either “589 00 00” (this is ‘89’s Fund ID) or “1989 Class Gift.”  

General Tax Deduction Information

The Association of Graduates is a fully qualified tax status 501(C)3 corporation.  Membership amounts are not deductible because products (“Checkpoints”, etal) are received.  Gifts to either the Annual Fund or a Class Project are deductible.  Any support you chose to provide your class project is tax deductible for the year in which it is paid.  A one time gift received during 2008 will be deductible for the 2008 tax year.  However, a pledged amount paid over multiple years will allow a tax deduction for the amount(s) paid in each respective tax year.  This applies to gifts of cash or those paid by check, credit card or electronic funds transfer.  Gifts paid by stock transfer generally fall under this rule, but may have other requirements attached.  If you are considering a transfer of shares, I encourage you to speak with your investment or tax consultant to determine if other considerations may apply.

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