Class of '75: We need your vote in the upcoming AOG election!

One must be an AOG member to receive the specific election instructions, around the first full week in February. The AOG has been pushing information out via various media for a couple of months now. We need to exercise our vote on all these matters.

Mark Volcheff is running for the board; that is reason enough for me to vote! There is a large slate of candidates for a small number of seats; Mark needs our support.

The by-law change proposition is a return ballot initiative regarding an AOG governance change whereby a single CEO will lead the AOG and the USAFA Endowment. It is referred to as the single CEO initiative. This initiative is supported by the current CEOs of both the AOG (Marty Marcolongo) and the Endowment CEO (Mike Gould); a majority of the AOG board supports the initiative.

This proposal for a Single CEO isn't anything new, this was on the ballot two years ago and 86% of those who voted approved it. Unfortunately, we came up short of the 25% of AOG members who needed to vote to make a quorum.
The Election website: (https:/ contains these following items:

1) Single CEO Agreement
2) New Memorandum of Understanding between the Association of Graduates and the USAFA Endowment (signed Dec. 21, 2018)
3) Frequently Asked Questions (Updated regularly)
4) Proposed Changes to Bylaws
5) Bylaw Change Rationale

Bio and campaign statements from all the candidates for the board slots are available on the AOG website. Also included are:

a) Some of the ways the AOG supports the Academy and the Long Blue Line
b) Current Bylaws
Read the first online election update HERE (