Missing Classmates

Brian Allison
Gary Barrentine
Keith Castan
Gregg Landolt
Jay Wallace

Note from the Class President::
Why We need to keep looking for our "Lost" Classmates


We lost Pete Strunk just a few years back.  I'm glad that he was able to enjoy reuniting with his classmates before his tragic accident. 

His 2001 note to me has become more poignant by his absence from all our subsequent gatherings.

If I seem obsessive about making contact with ALL our classmates, it's because, as in Pete's case, Time has made a difference, and there are few things more precious than the friendships that last a lifetime.

Jim Carlson, 75
Class President

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Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2001 17:11:01 -0700
From: Pete Strunk <
To: Jim Carlson <


I got your message and your latest email. I am thankful that Mike Ruth
was kind enough to pass on my email address, because I enjoyed reading the
messages from my classmates.

I've been absent from the class for a long time (my choice), and I think it is time to change that.