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Attention in the Area!
     Attention in the Area!

1) Our classmate Richard A. "Mac" McIntosh    passed away 13 August, 2017. Condolences may be left online Here    (at or they may be sent to his family in care of his wife, Linnea: Mrs. Linnea, McIntosh; 2428 Tenmile Lake; Lakeside, OR 97449-8631
2) Our classmate    Dennis R. Forinash    passed away 7 July, 2017. Condolences may be sent to his family in care of his wife, Carla: Mrs. Carla Forinash; 9079 Estebury Cir; Colorado Springs, CO 80920-7558.
3) Our classmate    Steven L. Barber    passed away 14 June, 2017.    Condolences may be sent to Steven's family in care of his wife, Glennys: Mrs. Glennys Barber; 307 S, Lakeshore Blvd; Howey in the Hills, FL 34737-3409.
4) Our classmate    Charles D. Sargent    passed away 4 June, 2017. His Condolence/Guestbook are Here .
5) Our classmate    Phillip L. Kendall    passed away 12 Feb, 2017. His Obituary and Condolence/Guestbook are Here .
6) Our classmate    Charles K. Bergman    passed away 25 December, 2016. Condolences may be sent to his family in care of his wife, Sherry: Mrs. Sherry S. Bergman; 40865 County Road 311; Deer River, MN 56636-4061.

B. Reunion Gift Committee News
The Class of 1975 45th Reunion Gift Committee has announced our Class gift to USAFA: 1) restoration of the iconic Air Gardens and 2) endowment of the traditional Contrails for perpetuity. More details are available    here.    The Contrails dedication page can be viewed here.
C. Larry Bryant is helping a small group of Palmer Lake, CO, folks build a fitting memorial for   MSgt William J. Crawford, WWII Medal of Honor recipient  .    Some of us may remember him as the CS22 custodian. MSgt Crawford is the only Army NCO buried at USAFA, he loved the place and the cadets. The memorial builders need some funds to complete the memorial.
1)  Al Krukowski wrote of his memory of Bill Crawford in Dec 2011, and that story is on Bill Estelle's web site here.   (
2)  Additional background information about MSgt Crawford can be found here.   (
3)   The web site for the memorial is here.   (
4)  Larry has asked the members of the class to make a donation to this memorial to honor this outstanding citizen-soldier.
Donation instructions are here  on the page.    In return for donations, Larry said he will try to get   USAFA Class of 1975 placed on the donor plaque.

D. The July meeting minutes for the AOG Class Advisory Senate are posted for your information: here.
A few highlights from Bruce Mitchell:
1)   The AOG has started including a link to the CAS minutes in the routine 7258' publication, to help improve outreach and information flow to all graduates. AOG members should receive notice of new 7258' pubs by e-mail.
2)   Relatively quiet meeting, introduced the new AOG CEO, Board chair and officers. Supts' new communication (branding) office for the Academy, brief also included. New Supt Lt Gen Silveria to take the reigns.
3)   Please let Bruce know via E-mail ( ) if you have suggestions, questions, or comments for the AOG.

E. The Reunion photos are online  here .
F. Mark Wells has retired, making him our official Last Man Standing for the class. Congratulations Mark!! Mark also received the optionally mandatory promotion to BG upon retirement for USAFA Dept. Chairs, bringing our class GO total up to 29.
G. Jerry Wallace has revealed himself as the famous 1974 "Mitchell Hall Streaker"!!, ending 40 years of speculation. More here
H. An electronic copy of our yearbook is available online here.
I. Have news for the class? Send news to Foster Bitton at
J. Check out Bill Estelle's excellent '75 website here at:   The AOG has shut down ZoomieNation forever...

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