Attention in the Area!
          Attention in the Area!

A. Our classmate    Dennis R. Forinash    passed away 7 July, 2017.
1) Condolences may be sent to his family in care of his wife, Carla: Mrs. Carla Forinash; 9079 Estebury Cir; Colorado Springs, CO 80920-7558.
2) A funeral service will be held on 17 Jul 2017 at 1000 hours at the USAFA Cadet Protestant Chapel. Interment will follow in the USAFA Cemetery. In the event of inclement weather the graveside service will be moved to the Memorial Pavilion.
B. More information as it becomes available.

Command Post...

Here's a toast to the host of those who love
The vastness of the sky.
To a friend, we send the message of his brother men who fly.
We drink ... to those who gave their all of old,
Then down ... we roar ... to score the rainbow's pot of gold
A toast ...to the host ... of men we boast
The US Air Force

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