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Attention in the Area!
     Attention in the Area!

A. Gone But Not Forgotten  
1)   Our classmate   Gary W. Cox   passed away 12 Feb 2020. His family has suggested that memorial donations be made in lieu of flowers to Focus on the Family; Wait No More; 8605 Explorer Drive; Colorado Springs CO 80920; (800) 232-6459;
2)   Our classmate   Gary A. Held   passed away 3 Jan 2020. His family has suggested that memorial donations be made to the Wounded Warrior Project; PO Box 758517; Topeka, KS 66675; (855) 448-3997.
3)   Our classmate   Gary R. Matson   passed away 20 Dec 2019.
4)   Our classmate   Stephen W. Tibbitts  passed away 3 October, 2019. His family has suggested making memorial donations in lieu of flowers to Haiti Share; PO Box 9208; Horseshoe Bay, TX 78657; (830) 598-8580 or at
5)   Our classmate   Carl P. Schwartz  passed away 29 April, 2019. His family has suggested that memorial donations be made to the Wounded Warrior Project; PO Box 758517; Topeka, KS 66675; (877) 448-3997 or at .

B.   Reunion News - 30 Sep - 3 Oct 2020    

The Class of 1975 45th Reunion will be held during the period 30 Sep - 3 Oct 2020 (home football game vs NAVY):

1) 45th Reunion Status (as of 13 May): Jeff Hackett and the Reunion Committee are continuing to plan for our 45th Reunion. For various very good reasons and with the concurrence of the AOG, the dates for Class of '75 Reunion have been changed to 30 Sep - 3 Oct (home football game vs Navy.) While we are hopeful that this later date will reduce COVID-19 -related uncertainties - that is, of course, unknowable at this time.
Was: 9-12 Sep
NOW: 30 Sep - 3 Oct.
2) What you need to know:
a) The Reunion Committee's counsel is for everyone to continue to refrain from making any non-refundable travel plans. Note that our host hotel, the Colorado Springs Marriott, is not yet ready to accept Class of '75 reservations (but we do have a significant number of rooms tentatively blocked.)
b) As our Reunion Chair, Jeff Hackett, and the committee members move forward with standard Reunion events planning, they will in parallel be working with the AOG, the Marriott, and other key players to assess feasibility and make a final GO / NO-GO and/or "PLAN B" decision which could now come as late as the end of July.
c) Although we have not eliminated the COVID-19 uncertainties that may impact our Reunion activities, we've given ourselves three additional weeks in which some of the issues might be improved / resolved.
d) We change from a match-up (Air Force - Boise State) that has had a nighttime (> 5PM) kickoff in six of the past seven years to one (Air Force - Navy) that has always had an afternoon kickoff.
e) We will be able to retain the Colorado Springs Marriott as our Host Hotel.
f) DO NOT make reservations at the Colorado Springs Marriott at this time. We'll let you know.
3) The Reunion Committee will continue our planning aiming at the new dates. Further information will be communicated through the Squadron POCs, the Class & AOG websites, and on our Class Facebook Page. If there are questions or concerns that can't wait, contact Jeff directly at

Volunteers needed:
2) TALENT SEARCH DIRECTOR (MASTER OF CEREMONIES, SPEAKER, OTHER ENTERTAINMENT (does not need to be a Colorado Springs area resident).

If you want to volunteer contact Jeff Hackett directly (

C. AOG Class Advisory Senate News

1)  From Bruce:
a)   The latest CAS meeting minutes are posted: here.
b)   Please let Bruce know via E-mail ( ) if you have suggestions, questions, or comments for the AOG.

USAFA & AOG news official links are Here (thanks to Bruce Mitchell)

D.   Miscellaneous    
1)   Mark Wells has retired, making him our official Last Man Standing for the class. Congratulations Mark!! Mark also received the optionally mandatory promotion to BG upon retirement for USAFA Dept. Chairs, bringing our class GO total up to 29.
2)   Forged in Blue (Ring Ingot Program)  
Forged in Blue (
3)   Jerry Wallace has revealed himself as the famous 1974 "Mitchell Hall Streaker" !!, ending 40 years of speculation. More here
4)   The last living Doolittle Raider,   Richard Cole ,  passed away 9 April, 2019.
There is an online condolence card for the Cole family available   here   (
More about Richard Cole   here   (   and   here   (
5)   An electronic copy of our yearbook is available online here.
6)   A high-resolution video made of the Moon by composition photos taken by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) spacecraft since 2011 is here.
7)   Updates from our class president, Jim Carlson, are posted Here

E. Have news for the class? Send news to Foster Bitton at

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