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Nulli Secundus... What an appropriate motto...
The Class of 1960 was the second class to graduate from the United States Air Force Academy.
And we are truly "second to none."  Time has passed, but we still want to stay in touch.

In Memoriam
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Derry Adamson

Norm Alexander

Dick Ames

Jim Anderson III

Noel Bailey

Steve Bishop

Val Bourque

Vic Bouquet

Fred Boutz

Jim Brown

Mike Buchen

Dave Burns

Pete Burton

Kirk Canterbury

Clyde Carmichael

James Carter

Fred Clark

Buck Congdon

Gary "Gar" Crew

Bert Croft

Louis Cropp

Bill Currier

Richard Davis

Bob Davis

Jon Day

Brian Deem

Herb Eckweiler

James Fey

George Fries

Charlie Georgi

Bill Goodyear

George Hines

Ace Holman

John "Seal" Huhn

Mike Hyde

John Jansen

Lem Johnson

Karl Jones

Gary "Krash" Karschnick

John Kelly

Dave Lachelt

Hardy LeBel

Ed Leonard

Art Lewis

Richard Lindsay

Mike Love

Tony Lovell

Mac Macartney

Willard MacFarlane

Jerry Mason

Dick Matthews

Charles "Jabo" McCain

Jim Mills

Leon "Mo" Molinelli

Eddie Morton

Bob Newson

Daniel Nowak

Jim O'Rourke

Bill Ouellette

Jim Peel

Hoyt "Oogie" Prindle

Robert Rager

Doug Rekenthaler

Jim Riley

Bob Sapp

Tom Seebode

Gary Sheets

Dick Shepard

Lloyd Shier

Don Singer

Paul Sones

Alan Sternberg

Ted Stumm

Don Thurman

Dave Uimari

Chris Warack

Don Ware

Wayne Waterhouse

Sam Waters

Reed Waugh

Jack Weaver

Dave Wiest

Randy Wood

To the Class 0f '60:

This photograph was prophetic.

It was taken at Lowry in the Summer of 1958, the evening before our move to the new site. It shows Rosie Cler standing by the mail box as though he's waiting for some mail.

When Rosie was elected to be the Class Secretary/Scribe in 1995, the prophecy came to life. And for 20 years, from 1995 until 2015, Rosie got lots of mail, news from the Class of 1960, and he presented it to us in eloquent style four times a year in Checkpoints magazine.

When our Class website became more accessible to more members of the Class, he prepared Web Columns in addition to the Checkpoints articles, as many as seven in one year.

Rosie has now retired from his office of Class Secretary/Scribe and passes the baton.  But he also should know that we are not taking it lightly.  We appreciate and cherish his efforts for the Class of '60. They have been the keystone to our Class unity.
Thank you Rosie.

The WebTeam

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